Trainings For Corporations

No amount of work talent can fully prepare leaders for the challenges they will face in the complex and changing economy. How do you prepare for the unexpected? When challenges arise in business, it depends less on what you know and more on how you THINK!

What is Improv?  Short for improvisation, it is performing without a script:  Improv is spontaneous invention — not without practice, just unscripted.  Improv requires preparation and practice to develop skills to act and react in the moment. It is the art of being present,  really reacting to what is happening, not what you imagine could happen or afraid of what might not happen, etc.

Corporate Improv is off-the-cuff communications training that helps people overcome fears of the unknown, being “caught” off guard and freezing, becoming more confident, finding fun (where creativity is sprouted) and supporting each other/teamwork to produce quickly, efficiently and confidently.  Studies have proven that improv can improve public speaking skills and reduce fear.  Improv will also help keep you in the moment, letting go of our own agendas to clearly and accurately assess the real needs of the company or client.

Have us at your next corporate meeting. The skills learned in improv build teamwork, creativity, quick thinking, listening and supporting each other through communication drills.

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